Hey, Sellers! 

We DISPLAY your items, but we DON'T BUY them from you.

We're currently receiving: Summer items

  • No Wedding dresses 
  • No used shoes 
  • No out of trend items

Would you like to donate it? or would you like to pick it up?

Thanks For Your Submission

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Terms & Conditions.

  1. Final Acceptance/Prices of products are set by us after inspection (you'll get notified)
  2. Our profit is 30% from the selling price
  3. Display Fees are renewable as to be paid every 6 months with maximum duration of 12 months

*25egp for each non-soiree product & 100LE for each soiree product 

  • If more than 10= 20 LE/ item
  • If more than 20= 15 LE/item 
  • If more than 30 = 5 LE/item

No display fees for scarfs/veils/belts/accessories.

If you submitted unclean and not well conditioned items, you will NOT refund the display fees of them.